Sam Jones

Sam Jones, Administrative Assistant

Sam is a Wichita native who has served the community at Unity of Wichita as an Administrative Assistant since 2015. She has worked with children with Autism as a speech therapy assistant as well as an Autism Specialist Consultant for summer programs. She began work in energy healing as a child, but really embraced the modalities of Reiki, Conduit Energy Healing (her own energy modality), aromatherapy and stone healing sessions in the last 10 years through various work. She is a Reiki Master and intuitive artist specializing in mandalas. She offers progressive energy images and private reading sessions by appointment.

She has lead workshops at Unity of Wichita, Great Plains Earth Institute and the Women of Wisdom. She has spoken to groups large and small as a member of a panel and as the primary speaker. She offers thoughts and commentary on her own experience of life on her vlog on Facebook called Fat Girl’s Journey to Wholeness. She lives in Wichita with her husband of 19 years, Brian, and her 2-year-old son, Nevan.

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